Adding little dog to your wedding party? – 8 tips to make sure she does a good job.

Wedding Dress Little Dog

This week marks my 6 month wedding anniversary, and I wanted to dedicate this post to little dog, who although did not walk down my aisle, did still play her part just before I left for the ceremony.

I had very traditional wedding where I got dressed at home with only my immediate family and bridesmaids. I did not see my husband until I was walking down the aisle. Like I said, old school. Adding little dog to the wedding was a decision I made, as I did not want her to become a burden Continue reading

Our favorite winter activity

snow shoeing 2

Hello friends, family, neighbors, cousins and co-workers! As you saw last weekend we took little dog snowshoeing with us! Let me back track a little bit for you yes.

It was Christmas time, and as gift whole family got snowshoes, so that we can do group family activities. It was great idea. And, we went once..

Well to be very fair it had been too cold to go outside and do activities. Minus 20 and 30 is not weather to be out for few hours in the snow. So once the weather started to warm up (those 2 Sundays we had that were actually very nice) my husband and I

Continue reading

Keeping the friendships you make on vacation

beach beds

Hello friends! As you know this week I left little dog in snowy Montreal and packed my swim suit for the white sandy beaches. Since I am from Russia you can imagine how the pigment of my white skin look in sunshine. Yep, mostly red. So it is imperative that when I hit the sun I’m in the shade.

One of the first things I look for when I get to the pool or beach is where is my umbrella. Our first day by the pool was covered by the shade of the hotel building and the shade from the umbrella. Impossible for the sunshine to find me. A perfect day by my standards. Day two was not so shady as we got up a little late (too much fun the night before) and missed our opportunity to score a spot in the shade. What’s a girl to do? I was covered head to toe in my beach outfit and towels. Trying my hardest to ensure not a speck of sunlight was to touch my body. It was only after my 3rd daiquiri that the lovely couple beside us felt sorry for me and offered their umbrella. An instant friendship was born. Continue reading