Team Russia for the Win!

Hello friends and family!


What amazing news for Russia today as they keep with them a total of 33 Olympic medals, 13 of them gold! Pozdravlyayu Russia!! U vas yest’ zimoy :)

I don’t know about all of you, but my favourite part of winter Olympics has always been the figure skaters. Continue reading

Svetlana and little dog give back


Tis the season of giving, so Svetlana and little dog did their part!

Even someone like little dog with jam packed schedule of chasing socks and eating carrots found some time last week to give back to our community. This time of year is always a little special for donating time and efforts, as we have chance to realize how lucky and fortunate we are. Continue reading

Brushing little dog’s teeth


Little Dog’s equipement

Hello ! Today I will share a very little secret with you. Little dog, she have little problem. She have very bad breath. Maybe it is from all the pelmeni (one of my favorite Russian dishes, I will share recipe later) she likes to eat. Continue reading


This past weekend I left little dog (with very good babysitter) and went to our neighbor city Toronto. Although it has never been my favorite place to visit, I enjoyed it more than usual. Saturday was raining, so while I waited for the sun to come out to start my shopping I decided to visit the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum) for the first time. Continue reading

Lets talk cars for a minute.

Hello friends, neighbors and co-workers, the 2014 CLA has finally arrived! After eagerly waiting for this compact 4-door luxury sedan, I will tell you we are very satisfied with the results. The idea behind the CLA is to be

Check my behind the scenes photos. thanks to Silver Star MTL

Check my behind the scenes photos. thanks to Silver Star

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Driving through California in a Mustang.

Driving through California in a Mustang.

I must tell you how I feel about this, or how my hair feels about this. I was very concerned at first as I did not know what I would look like after with my hair blowing in wind all over. I am not very big hat person, but I will tell you hat saved my hair. I think I can make hats work now. Driving in a convertible along highway 1 was something worth trying on hats for. The mustang is another story. I am not very big fan of American cars, or silver coloured cars (like ours was), but with the top down, and smelling that ocean air, driving through the valleys is an experience even I would risk my hair for.

my new hat

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