Lets talk cars for a minute.

Hello friends, neighbors and co-workers, the 2014 CLA has finally arrived! After eagerly waiting for this compact 4-door luxury sedan, I will tell you we are very satisfied with the results. The idea behind the CLA is to be

Check my behind the scenes photos. thanks to Silver Star MTL

Check my behind the scenes photos. thanks to Silver Star

a scaled down imitation of the CLS, one of the very fancy Mercedes- Benz models. This 208 horsepower (yes, I know horsepower) is most stylish and sleek and loaded with the latest technology Mercedes- Benz have to offer. I will tell you, I am thinking of ordering one for myself and little dog. However, best news yet- AMG models arrive in November. Please to say chello to us on the road!





Check out Silver Star’s CLA video here :)

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