Team Russia for the Win!

Hello friends and family!


What amazing news for Russia today as they keep with them a total of 33 Olympic medals, 13 of them gold! Pozdravlyayu Russia!! U vas yest’ zimoy :)

I don’t know about all of you, but my favourite part of winter Olympics has always been the figure skaters. There is something so graceful and refined about it. I have always been big fan of figure skating, perhaps this if from my Russian heritage, or perhaps because every little girl is fascinate with ballerinas and figure skaters.

It is however my favorite skaters that have kept me so intrigued over the years, Ekaterina and Sergei the two time Olympic figure skating gold medalists.  This couple shares the most beautiful love story ever told. One of reasons they were able to be so successful was because once on the ice, they skated together as one.

There have always been figure skating scandals, weather it is breaking legs between competitors like Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan or the 2014 Sochi judging scandal. However, these two changed skating history with their love story. Ekaterina and Sergei story was far from scandalous, but romantic and real.

“It was too perfect, maybe. It’s only fairytales that have happy endings.” Scott Hamilton,

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