Be your own valentine.

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Ladies (and gentlemen I guess) this is the age being happy for you. You do not need a valentine to feel special or loved on this holiday because you need to love you! Plus you have little dog who loves you.

All kidding put aside, it is not that special someone that you need to have in your life to feel completed or loved. I used to feel lots of pressure on this holiday to find date, and what I ended up to realizing was that it’s just another holiday like New Years where there is pressures to be with someone or to go out and do something, when all you want is to be with the people you already love. Without pressure.

The history of Valentines Day is not as cliché as the way we celebrate today. The story goes that Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings to for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. He also offered agency to prosecuted Christians. Legend says Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, and the day he was to be executed he wrote her letter signed “Your Valentine” (thanks Wikipedia).

I have done the big fancy dinners with champagne and elaborate desserts… and all this tra-lala does not beat staying home, cooking, drinking wine and eating my favorite chocolate (truffles if anyone wants to know) with best friends, little dog or just myself. There should be no FOMO on Valentine’s Day because trust me you are missing nothing. If you were on a terrible date you would just be wishing to be home, in your bath candles going and a great glass of red wine. You do not need someone to wine and dine you today. Wine and dine yourself, and enjoy your own company before you can truly enjoy someone else’s! After all your own relationship with yourself will be the longest and best one you have. So why not love yourself on this holiday?

Don’t let this Cupid, red rose holiday bring you down. Treat yourself to something special (whatever it is you like) and just be your own valentine!

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Happy Valentine's Day from Little Dog <3

Happy Valentine’s Day from Little Dog <3

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