Little Dog gets a mani pedi.

mani pedi 2

I (and I’m sure like most of you) used to take Little Dog to the veterinarian to have her nails trimmed every 3 weeks. She had a standing on Saturday mornings. Until one morning Dr. Husband said “its enough I will learn to cut Little dog’s nails”. Mostly it was that he was tired of having his coffee too early in the morning. Also that each appointment cost 25$.

So we went out and bought Little Dog little nail clippers (thanks Little Bear). Got a quick lesson on how to cut Little Dog’s nails and that was the end of her mani pedi standing.

our essentials

our essentials

We were a little sceptical at first yes, and I a little nervous.

what we learnt:

– Dogs have a vein that runs down their nail called a quick. Cut the nail too much and he will bleed.

– Dogs with white nails, you can easily see the quick, however Little Dog have dark nail so it is little more of a challenge.

– Go little little at a time. It is not a rush. Cutting a little at a time will help you and your dog get used to having nails done.

– If you cut too much by an accident and your dog bleeds, please to stay calm. Put some clotting powder on the nail. Usually the bleeding does not last long, and depending on how short you cut, it is not too painful for the dog.

– Try to make this positive time and experience for the dog. Give them a treat once it’s done!

– We used to give little dog little bites of a snack after each paw, but now we have a routine where we are comfortable and so is she, so she have one treat once we finish.

– Cut nails outside or in the shower or in a room that you clean often! It is very hard to catch the nails once you cut. We do this in the shower so we are not worried about a mess.

– It is important to cut your dogs nails regularly so that they stay at a nice length. Too long and then they start to curl and go into the soft part of their paw. There is also little risk in the nail breaking which is also very painful (this happened yes to big dog! She had bandage for two weeks!).

Big dog with her broken nail

Big dog with her broken nail

-We also learnt to trust Dr. Husband when he said he could trim her nails, and we could save the 25$ (for socks of course).

Simple yes? Just buy little clippers, depending on the size of your dog (you can guess what size we have) you will adjust accordingly. Your veterinarian can tell you which ones to buy or a pet store.

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