Snacking healthy. For little dog too.

little dog juicing 2

With juicing on the rise and this new health food movement our generation is bringing back, it is very important not to forget little dog too!

We are all very conscious about what we are eating, reading package labels, juicing for breakfast and salads for lunch. But do you read little dog’s food too? What are you really feeding your furry bff?

I read labels, but at the end of the day little dog needs her dog food too. I cannot cook for family, keep full time job and then prepare meal for little dog. Well only sometimes :)

I feed little dog organic dog food, and of course give her little table food at the end of my meal. She is certainly well fed. I like to keep her healthy. Just like me. Even though I am juicing my little dog is not. But I do make extra sure she is eating the raw veggies and getting her dose of healthy eating too.

Here are some little tricks I do for little dog to make sure she is always eating right (and not too many milkbone cookies!!

  1. I keep peeled, and washed full carrots in the fridge. Usually I give a whole one to big dog (yes like a horse) and little dog will snatch the smaller pieces that fall out of her mouth!! This is a great healthy snack, with natural sugars. I have to tell you both dogs love it. They know what it means when you ask the, if they want a carrot!!
  2. Since dogs loves the crunch of a yummy cookie, I will keep freshly cleaned raw snow peas or green beans in a container in fridge ready to eat at any time. Another quick and easy way to make sure little dog eats her greens! Sometimes she will even eat the heart of romaine lettuce when I am cutting salads!
  3. Little dog loves cucumbers! When I prepare salad, I always make sure to set aside a few extra bites just for her.
  4. As you all already know (from the brushing teeth post) I have some troubles keeping her teeth minty fresh. So I now add one fresh mint leaf to her water bowl. It is not too strong, and she does not mind. I put a fresh one in daily.
  5. Each morning I drink 1 glass of cold water with freshly squeezed lemons (ok almost every morning). I have also started adding a drop to little dog’s water as this can have great health benefits for her too! Lemon juice is known to increase circulation, and therefore help avoiding vascular damage, which in Montreal (and Russia’s) winters can lead to frostbite. Might not pertain to little dog so much but big dog for sure!


(Lemon juice tips n tricks- if used in the summer as ointment for dogs, it can repel insects/ parasites and mosquitos, as they do not like citrus scent!)

These are just some healthy tips I have added into my life, and have made them routine for little dog too. If I make lemon juice, it takes an extra second to share with little dog.


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