Snap Chat Etiquette


The 10-second or less photograph has fully taken over our social world. Not only do we have everyone’s lunch on instagram we can now watch a 10 second clip of them eating it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to snap little dog doing something cute, or snap a quick unsuspecting photo of the guy sitting across from me wearing some weird hat.

I will admit that my snaps usually consist of smiling selfies being sent to Tatiana or my husband (and my mom).

I am not saying these snaps are the cause of our anti- socializing, I am only suggesting that we are adding to the screen friendly generation, where we are more likely to snap pics then chat to everybody. We will let a 10 second picture remain on our story for 24 hours and not speak to friends on snapchat list for a month. I have colleagues that I do not socialize with (strictly business) who send me selfies or images of them partying on weekend (some cases pictures of them lying down in bed). Without even the slightest “hello how was weekend” Monday chatter.

Strange? Yes. Very.

Even though it might be socially uncouth, I will still respond to a story snap with photo of little dog, my desk at work or a selfie. I feel it is the proper etiquette even if their photo was not directed to me specifically. Maybe then I should not be on their snapchat friend list?

Let us all not forget why snap chat was created!


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