Our favorite winter activity

snow shoeing 2

Hello friends, family, neighbors, cousins and co-workers! As you saw last weekend we took little dog snowshoeing with us! Let me back track a little bit for you yes.

It was Christmas time, and as gift whole family got snowshoes, so that we can do group family activities. It was great idea. And, we went once..

Well to be very fair it had been too cold to go outside and do activities. Minus 20 and 30 is not weather to be out for few hours in the snow. So once the weather started to warm up (those 2 Sundays we had that were actually very nice) my husband and I

took big dog and went snowshoeing. Big dog loves to be out the in the snow. She just loves it.  We take her off the leash (shh) and let her run in the woods.

It was not until this past weekend that we said lets to try and take little dog with us and see what happens. If she doesn’t like, we will go home. So I dressed her up in winter coat, took her travel bag (you know, just in case) and went to the mountain, on our usual route. We had big dog with us too! At first I was little nervous and kept little dog on her leash, but then once I let her off she started running with big dog! They had very good time.

Big dog would run ahead and come running back towards us, and you know how a skier skies and then makes a side stop, and snow goes flying off the edge of his skies? Well that is exactly what big dog was going to little dog! She would run and skid and stop and all the snow would go onto little dog! They really had a fun time playing together and running in the snow, and it was great exercise for both.

It has been hard to take little dog out in the snow and go for walks since it has just been too cold. With the warmer weather that seems to finally be approaching it has been more enjoyable for her to be outside.

Have  a look at some of the fun we had this weekend with little dog snowshoeing up north on the lake!

snow shoeing 1

snow shoeing 3

little dog is tired after snow shoeing!

little dog is tired after snow shoeing!



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