Adding little dog to your wedding party? – 8 tips to make sure she does a good job.

Wedding Dress Little Dog

This week marks my 6 month wedding anniversary, and I wanted to dedicate this post to little dog, who although did not walk down my aisle, did still play her part just before I left for the ceremony.

I had very traditional wedding where I got dressed at home with only my immediate family and bridesmaids. I did not see my husband until I was walking down the aisle. Like I said, old school. Adding little dog to the wedding was a decision I made, as I did not want her to become a burden to anyone after the ceremony. We had our time together before and she was there when we came home the next day for our brunch. Many people asked me if little dog was going to be a part of the ceremony and were surprised when I said no. However they did not consider the extra work that it would have taken to have her attend.

Not impossible to have your furry BFF be a part of your special day, but make sure to consider the following:

  • Make sure you take little dog to the place of your ceremony before the big day. New places for some pets can make for a very curious environment and they will want to check it all out before. Better to do it before the wedding then during the ceremony!
  • Have your little dog be a part of the rehearsal. So they can know what to do. Dogs are creatures of habit and will more than likely redo something they have done in the past.
  • Is little dog walking down alone or with a member of your wedding party? Do they know each other if they are walking with a friend or family member? If not make sure they are acquainted before hand. Little dog does not like new people! Also make sure she knows where to stay during the ceremony.
  • What’s the plan for after the ceremony? Where is little dog going afterwards? Surely she cannot stay for the party. The loud noise will be too much for your dog so make sure she has someone to take her home. After pictures of course!
  • Don’t forget to take little dog for a bath before! Just like you are doing your hair little dog needs to look good as well.
  • Planning on dressing up your dog? Make sure the big day is not the first time she tries on her outfit. Don’t want her dress to be left in the middle of the aisle if it is too big!
  • Like I said, little dogs can be creatures of habit. It will be important for them to have a small bowl of water and food, just to make sure they feel comfortable in the new setting with lots of people.
  • Don’t forget to take little dog out before the ceremony begins! Stage fright can lead to little accidents we don’t want 😉

Our amazingly talented photographer: Launi 

Wedding day with Little dog



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