Hanging with the Chive Nation Montreal boys


I am sure you have seen them on Instagram or maybe just seen their logo around KCCO (keep calm, chive on). Apart from being hilariously funny (and good looking) these guys are also doing very good things, yes. Last month little dog and I had opportunity to join them on their philanthropic mission alongside  ASISTA to help a young man suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder (ptsd).

They did their part, and gave back to their community when they teamed up with ASISTA, and our favorite animal boutique- Little Bear, to help a man and his dog. They spent afternoon meeting Joey (the cutest lab ever) and spoiled him with amazing goodies and essentials, like a harness, new large cage and healthy dog food and treats of course!

ASISTA generously provided the chocolate lab to the young man and Justin and Evan (our KCCO boys) contacted them when they heard about the great things they were up to, to see how they could do their part as well. This is just the first step for Justin and Evan, as they have many more missions and events planned for the future! Spending the day with them was a blast! Thanks to them for including Svetlana and Little Dog!!

photo 1

photo 2


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