Little Dog gets a mani pedi.

mani pedi 2

I (and I’m sure like most of you) used to take Little Dog to the veterinarian to have her nails trimmed every 3 weeks. She had a standing on Saturday mornings. Until one morning Dr. Husband said “its enough I will learn to cut Little dog’s nails”. Mostly it was that he was tired of having his coffee too early in the morning. Also that each appointment cost 25$.

So we went out and bought Little Dog little nail clippers (thanks Little Bear). Got a quick lesson on how to cut Little Dog’s nails and that was the end of her mani pedi standing.

our essentials

our essentials

We were a little sceptical at first yes, and I a little nervous.

what we learnt: Continue reading

Be your own valentine.

photo 2

Ladies (and gentlemen I guess) this is the age being happy for you. You do not need a valentine to feel special or loved on this holiday because you need to love you! Plus you have little dog who loves you.

All kidding put aside, it is not that special someone that you need to have in your life to feel completed or loved. I used to feel lots of pressure on this holiday to find date, Continue reading

Snap Chat Etiquette


The 10-second or less photograph has fully taken over our social world. Not only do we have everyone’s lunch on instagram we can now watch a 10 second clip of them eating it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to snap little dog doing something cute, Continue reading