Little Dog.

Hello! This is little dog’s page. Leave her lots of love.


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    • Svetlana and little dog says:

      Chello Tatiana!
      little dog does 3 laps around the pool each day. however she does not go in water.
      hope this helps!

      in winter, let me tell you- she does not go outside. that is when she does not eat many cookies. fortunately for little dog, she has good genes.

    • Svetlana and little dog says:

      Hi Cynthia

      thank you for this comment! I think she is too.

      She has one time yes. It was for article in magazine Icon ( ) and it was about ‘The five most wanted’ and one was a Yorkshire. So little dog was asked to send in a photograph, and they used one from when she was little puppy. You can check it out!

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